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10.26.07 | Comment?

I know I haven’t written much since my whirlwind blog-a-thon while I was posting my notes at the web developers’ convention. I’ve been finding it hard to get back in the groove, but hopefully I’ll hit my stride again next week. In the meantime I thought I’d give you a quick update on what’s been going on with 12 to Midnight.

Well for starters you all know about the Midnight Cellar. Our store is live and people are actually using it. Yesterday I finished writing a strategic plan for growing the store beyond this phase. There’s a lot of little work that needs to be done now, but other, more grandiouse schemes will have to wait until we start hitting certain monthly sales targets. As much as I’d like to dump a bunch of money into the store and make it immediately awesome, we’re going to have to settle for managed growth and merely "cool" for right now.

After one hellova slump this year, we at 12 to Midnight are hard at work again. Ed has been writing short adventure outlines for our ETU book, Neal has been editing another fantasy title (d20 System only) that looks to be released by the end of the year, and I’ve been working on layout.

First there was a new series of freebies we’re calling Bites of Midnight. I got the idea of putting our logo on a cookie and using that as part of the masthead. This turned out to be a LOT harder than I thought, but with Mrs. Flametoad’s help I ended up with a decent looking cookie. The photo itself didn’t turn out as good as I’d hoped, but it’s not bad either. You’ll have to download one for yourself and see. Now I’m working on Ed’s Midnight Tales, which is a title for the Savage Worlds game system. It’s 80% done. After I finish that one off and send it to Pinnacle for approval, I’ll likely start in on Neal’s Midnight Tales unless the conversion for Wild Things is complete.

Between my work and Ed’s, ETU is really pushing forward. If I can get caught up on layout, I want to get back and continue work on it. I think we’ll have a first draft done near the end of the year, though that may not necessarily include the plot point campaign. Starting Monday we’ll be posting weekly design journal notes on the 12 to Midnight site, so if you’re interested in the development of ETU or plot point settings in particular, you might want to consider subscribing to our RSS feed.

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