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03.09.07 | Comment?

I thought it only fair to give an update on yesterday’s Skype report. Today my transaction finally went through…some few hours after I instead used a calling card to place my international call. Skype’s offical response to this mess 48 hours after it began?

We have been experiencing longer than usual delays with payments made by credit cards. These payments stay listed as Pending in our system as we are processing them. Normally, credit card payments should be processed within 15 minutes but in some cases it has taken a lot longer.

You can view the status of your orders here:

We are working hard to process all the orders quickly and apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused

Kind regards,

Skype Customer Support

Is it just me, or does this insufficiently address what are presumably hundreds of transactions that were left in limbo? Why did it take them 48 hours to even say this much? Personally, next time I’ll try GizmoProject or get another phone card.

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