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Seen on the ‘Net XVIII

06.04.07 | Comment?

Let me apologize in advance for the following link-flood. I’ve been pretty busy, but I’ve also stumbled across a few items of interest that I wanted to bring to your attention.

First, Democrats are already going back on their promise to be more open and transparent about spending. Is that any surprise? Politicians are politicians, no matter their allegiance.

The Infamous Brad has an article about the influence of presidential powers on the price of gasoline. Brad and I don’t share the same politics, but I keep reading him because he when sees BS he calls it like it is–even when it’s in his own political party. His posts are generally better researched than most, so it’s not just a matter of baseless moral outrage. Anyway, it’s a decent read.

Moving from politics to publishing, O’Reilly has published a study they conducted regarding whether free e-book downloads hurt or helped print sales. Here’s the executive summary.

The quick answer from this experiment is that we saw no definitive correlation, but there is little sign that the free downloads hurt sales.

So recent hoopla notwithstanding, it seems that the jury is still out. It would be nice to get additional data from different types of books–say genre fiction, textbook, nonfiction, and so on.

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