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Even if I wasn’t a publisher, I suspect I’d have at least a passing interest in the publishing industry simply as an inquisitive reader. If you’re like me, then you may enjoy the following articles from the print and e-book publishing scene.

First, apparently bookstores look for the release of the final Harry Potter book with equal parts anticipation and trepidation. It seems discounts have become so cutthroat that booksellers make little profit or even take a loss. Their only hope is that buyers purchase other books while they’re in the store.

Anyone who has spent any time in the publishing world, or who has even spent a few hours doing research on the business side of writing, already knows what the New York Times claims with shock— that publishing is an incredibly risky venture, that bestsellers can’t be predicted, that the lead times are ridiculous, and so on. If you have any interest in taking a peek behind the scenes at economics behind the traditional print publishing world, the article is worth a read.

Now moving from p-books to e-books, LG Philips (when did LG and Philips merge?) has announced a 14″ color e-ink display. E-ink has its positive attributes as well as its detriments. On one hand, it is incredibly low powered compared to traditional LCD. It only consumes power when the screen refreshes, which makes it ideal for reading text. On the other hand, the refresh rate is very slow, making it unacceptable for video. This in turn means that you can’t use it on a multi-function device. So while e-ink (or rather, e-paper) may be the substance of choice for dedicated reader hardware, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing this generation of technology appear on multifunction devices like cell phones, MP3/movie players, or even laptops.

Teleread has posted links to presentations given at last week’s IDPF Digital Book 2007 conference. I came fairly close to attending myself, but in the end I talked myself out of it. I appreciate David Rothman posting these links so I can at least glean the information second-hand.

Finally, one of the bits
of news from
Digital Book 2007
was research
(and technology called Live Ink)
demonstrating improved reading comprehension
when text is formatted
more akin to poetry.
Read about Live Ink.

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Whoa! You changed your template. Nice and clean.

Some interesting things here too. Like the e-ink thingie.

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