Phone Shopping Advice Sought

06.18.07 | Comment?

My cell phone is 2.5 years old and has been dropped a few times too many. Fortunately, since it has been so long since the last upgrade I’m off contract and can qualify for the new customer discount. So…since it has been so long since the last time I had to shop for phones, I thought I’d consult my friends here for words of wisdom. Any thoughts on which brands are dependable versus which should be avoided? Right now Cingular/ATT is my carrier, but I’m open to jumping to another one if I can get a better package. However, I get a company discount through ATT, so my main focus right now is just on finding a suitable phone.

I own a phone, an iPod, and a PDA. I rarely carry the PDA because it’s just one device too many. Of course, an iPhone would be nice, but I don’t have $500 to drop on a single phone. That leaves combining PDA and phone features into one device. Ideally, I’d like something that will sync calendars so that I don’t forget important appointments.  While I do own Outlook at home, I don’t use it anymore. I’d just as soon sync with something like Yahoo or Google calendars.

Oh, and Mrs. Flametoad will be upgrading at the same time as me, so it needs to be affordable enough that we can get two. I’m not asking for much, am I?

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