Origins Countdown II

07.02.07 | Comment?

I can tell it’s getting down to the wire with Origins. Over the weekend I had a dream in which I was sitting on the airplane waiting to take off when I realized that I’d forgotten my cell phone. Then I realized I hadn’t brought any luggage or my binder for running games. I’d just stepped on the airplane with nothing but the clothes on my back. When I woke up I was trying to figure out whether to get off the plane and try to catch a later flight after I’d gotten my stuff, or go on to Ohio and try to wing it.

Yeah, I might be feeling a little anxiety about being prepared. What makes you ask?

Incidentally, I’ve been posting every weekday for the last few weeks but I will not be posting during Origins. Well, maybe I will if I have time on someone’s laptop and something really cool to say. But don’t count on it.

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