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Not bad, for 1st Generation

05.07.07 | 2 Comments

If anybody knows how to build giant, ass-kicking robots, it’s the Japanese. Now you too can own your very own. It seems that Masaaki Nagumo has built something resembling a AT-ST. It’s 11 feet tall, moves under its own power, and shoots raquetballs using some kind of compressed air system. The suspension system could use a bit of work, but for a 1st generation machine it’s pretty cool! Our military has probably done less after spending a few billion. Video of giant walking robot, found courtesy of A Different Point of View.

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Comment by kyle
2007-05-07 10:43:41

Makes me want to run off and play MECHWARRIOR. Looks like a small Dire Wolf.

You’re right: the suspension is pretty bad right now. It seems to skate along on its wheels more than actually walk. But it’s a step in the right direction, no pun intended.

I want one.

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Comment by Jerry
2007-05-16 11:19:33

I want one too! Why play paint ball when you have dueling walkers!!!

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