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12.03.07 | Comment?

It has been less than a quiet week in Pinebox, Texas.

Last week I was interviewed for the podcast The Digital Front. That’ll hit the internet the week of December 10. I’ll let you know when it’s out there. The topic was the "e-publishing secrets" PDF I released a couple weeks ago, although at the end I touched on some of the other news at 12 to Midnight.

I gave to the Midnight Charity ProjectFriday we announced the Midnight Charity Project. This is a new initiative for our company, and I hope it gathers steam. Throughout the month of December we’re holding various fundraisers to benefit the Autism Research Institute. Right now you can bid on a City of Pinebox death certificate. Later this month you can bid on a spot in our first full-length campaign book, ETU: Degrees of Horror.  The winner will be written in as a character in the book. We’re also auctioning off a signed copy of my adventure, Bloodlines. We’ll also be posting articles about autism on our front page to help inform people about this disability.

I also have other big news for 12 to Midnight, but I can’t quite talk about it yet. Soon. Very soon.

Please take a moment to visit the Midnight Charity Project home page, read about what we’re doing, and consider giving a little something extra to a good cause this Christmas season. For those of you who are bloggers (and I know at least a handful of people read this on LiveJournal), I’d appreciate it if you’d take a few moments to spread the word. It costs you nothing but a few moments to write a sentence and link to the Midnight Charity Project home page, but your help in spreading the word (and asking your readers to do the same) could make a big difference for the success of the fundraiser. I already know that the Autism Research Institute is making a big difference in the lives of families with autistic children because my 12 to Midnight partner, Ed Wetterman, is one of them.

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