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The advent of tabbed browsers brought out a nasty habit in me. Channel surfing. I’ve developed the habit of collecting groups of websites related to a theme (such as “blogs”, “RPGs”, or “webcomics”) in my bookmarks, then every morning selecting “open in tabs”. Viola! 20+ websites open in tabs on my browser. I could kill an hour or two a day (or more!) keeping up with all my favorite websites. Finally on Friday I admitted my problem to myself and took steps to bring it under control.

The first thing I did was enter the 21st century and take advantage of RSS. This was a big step from me, because as a designer, I LIKE visiting websites and checking out different designs. It was a difficult thing to give up. At any rate, the new Yahoo Mail beta has a build in RSS reader so I added a bunch of my favorite sites to that system. Unfortunately, for some reason it wouldn’t accept all the feeds so then I had to cast about for another solution. I’ve been hearing buzz about Google’s RSS reader (cleaverly called “Reader”), so I created an account and it accepted all the feeds Yahoo Mail wouldn’t. I figured it would be a good experiment to compare the two.

By Sunday, I’d moved all my feeds over from Yahoo Mail to Google.

Now, I’m a faithful Yahoo Mail user. I pay for the premium mail service and I like it enough that plan on renewing it again this year. But the RSS reader pales in comparison to Google’s. Anyway, I hope that by using Google Reader, instead of constantly (some would say obsessively) checking to see if a site had updated, I can just check gReader instead. I think this is a good first step in getting my addiction under control.

My experience with adding feeds to Reader (and Yahoo) has made me much more aware of the importance of that RSS link. If I wasn’t considering updating my template (which is the subject for another post) then I’d go through the effort of improving the prominance of that RSS link. However, I have signed up for Google Analytics and Feedburner in an effort to get a better handle on just how much traffic this site sees and what you’re looking at. Of course, some of you read this from LiveJournal, which is a whole other enchilada. For those of you who use RSS readers and think that subscribing to my feed might be easier, just point your reader to http://feeds.feedburner.com/flametoad

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Comment by Jerry
2007-02-20 14:10:27

RSS feeds do make the addiction a little easier to keep up with for me. ;)

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