Let’s Get Something Straight…

03.21.07 | 3 Comments

They aren’t just poor, misunderstood, freedom fighters. They are ruthless, indiscriminate killers who would probably be breaking legs and burning down fruit stands for “protection” money, except instead they’ve been recruited into the business of Jihad.

CNN: Insurgents Used Kids as Cover, then Killed Them

You know I’m a proponent of cultural imperialism. We’ll win the war by keeping new terrorists from being created. But for some it’s already too late, and those aren’t going to be swayed by our giving up and going home. If we leave, some will continue their violent tantrums in place and others will follow us home, because all they know is how to deal death.

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Comment by Jerry
2007-03-21 15:39:21

I’m afraid if we leave now, that it will become the killing sands, just like when we left Viet Nam and they had the killing fields. We need to dump the rules of engagement and just kill the enemy.

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Comment by kyle
2007-03-22 08:38:30

My stars, he’s finally seeing the light!!…:)

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Comment by Prest0
2007-03-22 09:10:27

No, that’s always been my position. You just construed my position on cultural imperialism to mean that we should give up our presence there or that I was somehow soft on killers. It just means we need to put just as much energy into making sure new terrorists aren’t being created. I don’t hear of a whole lot of work in that area.


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