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How much longer until the sneaker phone?

02.14.07 | 3 Comments

Really it was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? Someone has designed a sneaker with a built-in GPS device. I’m sure conspiracy theory nuts and the ACLU will go crazy over this one–just as they did with the GPS cell phones and GPS wristbands. However, I think the article on CNN suggests a few good uses. First, altzheimers patients have a tendency to wander off. Near my hometown a woman went missing and was found dead a month later in a remote area. It appeared that she had driven herself more than 50 miles from home, then gotten out of her car and either died of dehydration or a heart attack. (I can’t remember which.) A GPS might have saved her life and certainly would have saved her family a month of anxiety. Finally, it almost goes without saying that there’s a lot of potential for finding abducted kids.

Sure, eventually kidnappers will strip their victims to shed tracking devices as a matter of routine, but in the meantime it could save dozens or hundreds of lives. I was serving in Iraq, you’d better believe I’d want one of those either in my clothes or implanted in my body. If I were kidnapped and threatened with beheading, I’d hope that either 1) my buddies would come resucue me, or 2) they’d drop a tomahawk on my position and make sure those particular people wouldn’t be kidnapping anyone else.

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Comment by Jerry
2007-02-14 19:42:17

So why not the phone yet? hehe

This is a useful device. Providing it is not abused.

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Comment by Cray
2007-02-14 21:24:50

If there is a way that those who are supposed to find you can, then there is a way for the sophisticated technologist could find you too.

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Comment by Prest0
2007-02-15 09:54:55

You’re right. I can see how that would be a problem in the battlefield. You’d have to count on your techno-ninjas being better than the enemy’s. On the other hand, if I’m not mistaken our tanks and troop transports are already equipped with GPS devices so the big-shots coordinating attacks know exactly where their troops are without having to rely on radio reports. So this is just taking it from the equipment level to the individual level.


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