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Friday video fun

07.20.07 | 2 Comments

Sorry for the double post today. Lately I’ve been trying to make a point of only posting once per day, but these videos were too fun not to share immediately.

First, I got a good laugh out of this Onion news report on the “Webcrash 2007 “. Watch it twice–once for the main newscast and once for the scrolling text on the bottom.

And just when I thought that couldn’t be beat, check out this practice session of more than 1,500 inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, in Cebu, Philippines. What are they practicing? Oh, just the choreography for their reinactment of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

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Comment by Cray
2007-07-21 12:33:46

I’ve actually had more than one person tell me they broke the interent…so that was very funny!!!

At least the prisoners are being constructive…lol

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Comment by Jerry
2007-07-24 15:12:12

At first I thought, how did they let the girl in with the prisoners. Then I realized that was no girl. Hmmm…

Take the video and paint all the orange green and we have the next WW mod.

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