Don’t Mess with Texans

06.12.07 | 1 Comment

This is why crime doesn’t pay in Texas. In short, a couple who attempted to carjack a 65 year old man bungled the job and let him get away. The intended victim then called the police and drove home. However, he became afraid the attackers would harm someone else before the police caught up with them. So he armed himself and his family members, went hunting for the villains, caught the pair, and held them until the police finally arrived. The carjackers were in a car stolen in Houston, and the male was wanted for attempted murder. Nobody was harmed in the capture.

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1 Comment

Comment by neal5x5
2007-06-20 12:15:57

I’m always in favor of a pro-active citizenry. Good on them, especially for going to the wedding and then still looking – you gotta have priorities. I hope they scared the living crap out of the criminals.

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