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04.16.07 | 2 Comments

Even though sometimes this blog devolves into a linkfarm when I’m too busy to write anything original, I do try to keep it at least moderately interesting. One of my rules is to avoid blabbing on about inane stuff that nobody cares about–like what I ate for dinner or the new sneakers I bought. I also try to avoid whining. Those two things cause me to skip other bloggers’ posts, so maybe I’m just playing to my own preferences. Maybe someout out there does give a damn that I ate…well, actually, I can’t remember what I ate for dinner last night. Regardless, I think I’m about to break both of my rules.

I do clearly remember a cool series I started watching. It’s called Charlie Jade, and if you don’t live in the US (or if you listen to Slice of SciFi) you might have heard of it. This show grabs you in the same way Heroes does. The production values remind me a bit of Farscape. You can tell it wasn’t created by a US studio, if for no other reason than that the audio track is more complex but the sound is flatter. You have to listen harder to understand dialog because the ambient noise tends to share the same levels. Or something like that. Anyway, I was saying this show grabs you like Heroes. It grabs you, and you just want to keep finding out what happens next. If it’s within your means, watch this show. Only, make sure you do it in order. I’m only on episode 4, but it’s pretty clear that this is one that has to be watch sequentially.

In other news, I uploaded the updated version of The Beast Within to our retail store over the weekend. I’m glad that’s done. I’m glad to be able to check that one off my list…at least until the Savage Worlds edition comes out. Meanwhile, I still have to write that contract, get a wiki going on our website, and get Google Checkout working. The whole online store thing is really vexing me. We lost our webmaster a couple years ago and I’ve been doing the job ever since. Most of the time it’s not a big deal, but with everything else going on I could really use some help. If you have mad web skilz etc etc, drop me a line.

I’m think I’m feeling a bit burnt out. All these unfinished projects sitting on my plate are starting to wear me down. I just want to get the store, wiki, and contract finished so I can enjoy writing instead of running a company. That’s why it was nice to escape to Charlie Jade for a while over the weekend. The batteries need some recharging. I know Ed has it ten times worse than I do, and just talking to him today about potential changes to 12 Hours to Midnight wore me down. Hopefully this is just a temporary valley, and as one or more projects wrap up I’ll feel more motivated and energetic. I just wish I could enjoy some time off without feeling guilty about 12 to Midnight work left undone.

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Comment by kyle
2007-04-16 17:07:05

Tell Ed 12 Hours To Midnight would be much better with a spaceship…..:)

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2007-05-15 16:58:55

[…] a freaky little SF show you’ve probably never heard of. I hadn’t, until Preston mentioned it in his blog. I was intrigued enough to go looking for the episodes. They were surprisingly easy to […]

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