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Breaking Past Burnout

04.26.07 | Comment?

Having shared my opinion (and stirred up trouble) on the whole technopeasant thing, I’m still left with all the same tasks I was faced with before. If you haven’t read that post, or only the post and not the comments, I encourage you to check it out. As Scott Sigler said, the genie is out of the bottle and my bitching isn’t going to change that. However, I wanted people to at least think before giving their work for free. It’s one thing to give away your work because you’ve carefully considered the benefits and detriments, and incorporated it as part of a well considered, long-term marketing plan. It’s another thing to give away your work because the cool sheep say it’s technopeasant day and thus it’s what all the cool members of the flock are doing this year. I still think it’s a bad precedent for the e-book market as a whole, but I’ll try to stay posistive and hope that something better (in terms of a model that compensates authors for their work) emerges from the ashes.

My little one year old Tadpole 2 has been suffering from a high fever this week, and I stayed home part of Tuesday afternoon and 3/4 of Wednesday taking care of her. That left almost no time on the computer until after the both the kids were in bed, which means a convenient excuse for not getting much work done. That being said, I’ve been trying to push past the burnout I wrote about a week or two ago. Last night I finished up layout on the Savage Worlds edition of The Beast Within and sent it off to Pinnacle for their review. Today I’m going to try to finish the contract that has been languishing on my desktop all month. Tuesday night I worked on 12 to Midnight’s online store.

I’m developing a love-hate relationship with our website. Ever since one of the founding partners left two or three years ago, I’ve worn the webmaster hat under the layout, marketing, writing, editing, and president hats. For the most part that was okay, becuase it has mostly been a matter of just maintenance and I enjoy tinkering with websites. But right now the web, in particular–but not limited to–our new store, is demanding a lot of my time. I find other things, like contracts, slipping. When things piled up like they did, I think I got so overwhelmed by all the things needing attention that I just locked up. Now I’m trying to push past that and get the smaller tasks done and off my list so that what remains doesn’t seem so overwhelming. I still wish I could hand the webwork off to someone else while I focus on everything else, but none of the other partners have anywhere near the skill set. I’ve just about concluded that we either need more partners or a dependable webmaster who will work for next to nothing.

Finally, just so there’s something flashy in this post, I’m going to share with you my daemon courtesy of the upcoming movie The Golden Compass (yoinked via Wyrdo). It’s supposed to be a little animal representation of my personality based on how I perceive myself. What makes this neat is that you, kind reader, can affect the form my daemon takes by clicking on it to answer a few questions about how you perceive me. The combination of how you see me with how I see myself results in a new shape, unless our answers are all the same, which is unlikely.

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