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A Ray of Sunshine

04.18.07 | 1 Comment

It’s funny how things can turn around. The other day I made a whiney post about burnout and all the stuff I had to do. I really have been feeling burnt out. Overwhelmed. Working on so many things but accomplishing very little. I was seriously considering taking a day off next week just to decompress. Read. Watch a movie. Maybe try to check some things off my 12 to Midnight list. Then this morning I had a major breakthrough with the online store. Payment processing is working! Suddenly my whole outlook and attitude has improved. Sure, the shop template still needs tweeking. Sure the e-mails with the download links for the PDFs in my test transactions ended up in my spam folder. But those are problems that can be overcome. After 3.5 months of working on getting the settings for the payment system just right, these other issues are just small tasks. The job of getting this store up and running has been a task that has been hanging around my neck like a millstone.

Things are looking up.

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Comment by Jerry
2007-04-26 15:53:10

Ouch. Sorry it has felt so painful. Things only get better now. :)

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