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12 to Midnight in the New Year

01.11.07 | 2 Comments

Since I cross posted 12 to Midnight’s year in review here, I figured I’d do the same for my 2007 outlook report.


As I mentioned in my last update, 2006 was a year of “priming the pump”. Several slow-moving projects moved much closer to completion and changes in the market are taking us in an exciting new direction. Here’s what to expect in 2007.

12 to Midnight store: A healthy catalog and changes in the market led us to conclude that it is finally time to open our own online store. This store will sell all our e-books, as well as exclusive merchandise such as print books, t-shirts, and more. We have the e-commerce software installed and will be setting up the store in the coming weeks. Expect to see a fully operational store by the end of the first quarter. Right now we are tentatively dubbing it The Shop of Horrors, but if you ideas for a cool store name please share your idea in the forums. If we use your idea, we’ll send you some free stuff!

Swamp of the Wild Things
, by Rob Manning, is the first in hopefully a new line of fantasy adventures. This adventure for 8th level heroes is so close to completion that it was almost released in 2006. However, Christmas crept too close and we decided to hold onto it until everyone has had a chance to recover from holiday spending. Look for this title later this month. We hope to release the Savaged and d20 versions almost simultaneously, but that will depend on the Savaged approval process.

The Beast Within, written by Mike DeSanto, is 95% through final edits. We will be working on art for this Pinebox adventure this month, with an eye to release by the end of February. This adventure for low-level characters could make a good introduction to Pinebox and the kickoff of a modern campaign.

Another Pinebox adventure, The Prodigal, will be entering final edits this month. Look for this one by the end of March. The is adventure was written by Neal Hyde, who is no stranger to 12 to Midnight. Neal wrote several Modern Dispatches, including the recent Aliens Among Us. After this adventure, things will be quiet for a few months until…

12 Hours to Midnight written by Ed Wetterman. This is a 12-part serialized adventure in the style of “24”. Each hour builds on the one before, with the heroes trying to make sense of the conspiracy around them while struggling to survive long enough to put the pieces together. This is a stand-alone series set in Pinebox but not intended to be part of a larger campaign. We have committed ourselves to not releasing the first hour until all 12 episodes are ready to go. “God willin’ and the creek don’t rise,” this series will begin in the first week in June, with new episodes released at the rate of one a week through the summer.

Sometime over the summer, we also hope to release another fantasy title called Steamworks. This is a BIG fantasy resource for a new way of dealing with inventions in a d20 fantasy setting. The release date on this one is a bit more hazy because we are still shuffling around editorial resources, but summer looks like a good bet.

In July, 12 to Midnight expects to make a con presence at Origins. Currently all five company officers are talking about attending. While it is unlikely that we will have a booth, that just means we will be able to focus on running lots of demo games and meeting with our friends and fans. Expect us to be a fixture in the Savage Worlds room (not that d20 will be left out in the cold). We will definitely have more to say about this as the convention approaches, so expect an announcement about times and places to meet and greet the 12 to Midnight crew.

Autumn always seems to be a busy time in our personal lives, so this year we are planning accordingly. We will release one more title—Ed Wetterman’s “Mount Everest of haunted houses” —The House on Dale Island.

Rest assured that even if you only see one adventure from us in the second half of 2007, we are still working as much as possible. The latter half of the year is when we will focus our energy on our big campaign book, code named ETU. This campaign is set on the campus of East Texas University in Pinebox, and takes characters from college freshmen through graduation (hopefully) as they struggle to survive conspiracies, strange creatures, mad science, and mysteries of the occult—all while trying to maintain a passing grade. This book includes new student-flavored character options, details about the ETU campus and surrounding Pinebox, an extensive adventure generator, and an optional metaplot spanning all four (or five, or six) years of your college career. While it is highly unlikely that you will see ETU in 2007, it should be well positioned for a release in the spring of 2008. This book will be released first as a Savage setting, followed by a d20 System conversion.

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Comment by Jerry
2007-01-11 13:52:55

It’s like deja vu. haha

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Comment by Cassandra
2007-01-14 17:36:54

I think “Little Shop of Horrors” is a great name. You guys seem to have a knack for names.

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