Yeah, But What Does It Mean?

01.25.06 | 1 Comment

I spent the last hour moving material from the original Bloodlines layout to the new-and-theoretically-improved template. (Why? To prep it for it’s big print release this spring.) However, having moved over the first two sections, I’ve just about concluded that in some ways the template isn’t much of an improvement. Comparing my work back then (2 years ago) to my work now, I see my layouts have gotten a lot more conservative. Back then I did a lot of breaking out of the box– literally. I’d have a sidebar with an icon, and the icon would float half-in and half-out of the sidebar. In some cases the headings were bigger and easier to read. My text wraps then forced twice the amount of white space they do now.

Somewhere along the way, in name of consistency and speed, my layouts have become boring. Needless to say, that’s a pretty depressing realization. I think it’s time to challenge myself to get creative again.

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1 Comment

Comment by Jerry
2006-01-26 10:36:08

I am so confused now. Reading this post and comparing to what you said on our boards. ;)

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