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01.26.06 | Comment?

Damn you Chuck! Damn you for introducing me to What Would Tyler Durden Do? (Probably Not Work Safe.) This site features the latest scoop on the beauties from hollyweird, including photos. While I haven’t seen any nudity on the site, he does sometimes link to nude shots. What makes his site so fun is the commentary that runs from biting to adoration–and sometimes biting adoration. For instance:

“Jessica Alba really is kind of conservative. Sure, I could cover more of her with my semen than she does with her bikinis, but that’s what she wears in private. In public, she always dresses very tastefully and rarely shows much skin. And she always looks great. Unlike Natalie Portman. I’ve said it before, but Natalie Portman looks like she was made in a lab. She’s so cold looking. She’s obviously very pretty, but pretty like a rainbow or a sunset, and that probably came out more flattering than I meant it too. I really like sunsets and all, I’ve never wanted to jack off to one. Just like Natalie Portman.”

What Would Tyler Durden Do is one of those guilty pleasures, like watching the E! channel. We don’t want to care about these people, but you start watching and something about it is mesmerizing. I suspect it has something to do with the death of brain cells. Sorta like drinking but without the pleasant buzz. I find it especially guilty because he uses photos from anywhere he finds them, including paparazzi photos. I personally feel like paparazzi are the lowest of the bottom feeders and I try my best not to do anything that would support their profession. And yet there is WWTDD. Damn you, Chuck!

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