The Sky People

09.07.06 | 1 Comment

I just discovered that S.M. Stirling has a new book called The Sky People coming out in November. According to the Tor art director

The story posits a serious scientific reason (within the confines of an SF story, of course) that Venus and Mars has evolved to be the Venus and Mars of the pulps – one a teaming jungle with primitive humans, dinos, and prehistoric mammals walking about, the other as a dusty dying planet with ancient dying civilizations.

Check out the cover, and keep an eye out for this book in November. I’m a big Burroughs fan (and not at all a fan of the Burroughs Estate, which has a reputation for bullying people who try to use those works of Burroughs that are now in the public domain). I’m also a big S.M. Stirling fan, so I’m pretty much primed for this book.

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1 Comment

Comment by Jerry
2006-09-07 14:53:31

That sounds cool. Burroughs made me love to read. Especially loved the John Carter of Mars books.

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