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The End is Near

01.17.06 | 1 Comment

Over the weekend I finally got caught up on Skinwalker. It’s a good feeling. I didn’t realize how good it would feel, in fact. It’s like an enormous burden has been lifted. I was examining these feelings, and realized that I’ve been working on Skinwalker in one form or another, practically nonstop, for months. I’m not even sure how long. Probably since September. First it was a matter of editing the draft. Since it came to us in sections, that meant that there was always something to look at. I’d finish one section, only to have the next one waiting for review. Then of course once it hit layout, it became my responsiblity in a big way. On Sunday I completed all the corrections that have been handed to me. I now literally have nothing to do for Skinwalker until the last few corrections are turned in. Even though I’m not done, it feels mighty good to not have that obligation hanging over me.

In recent months I’ve stopped watching TV, my reading has ground to a halt, and I’ve been staying up late most nights working on 12 to Midnight stuff. The company is consuming more and more of my time, and with the exception of Modern Dispatch, over the last six months I haven’t gotten that emotional payoff of releasing something new. Being so close to the end of Skinwalker feels like all this work is actually paying off. The dark secret of publishing, or at least publishing at 12 to Midnight, is that you’re pretty much sick of every project by the time it’s actually released. That’s undeniably due to our long production cycles. I imagine Ronin Arts or Adamant doesn’t have that problem, or at least not as badly.

Not that there isn’t more work waiting in the wings. As soon as Skinwalker is out I need to work on revisions to Bloodlines in anticipation of its upcoming print run. That shouldn’t last more than a few weeks though, and since it’s my baby I think it’ll be more enjoyable. I also have to focus on editing one of our next titles, The Beast Within. I made progress during Christmas when all I had was a laptop without my desktop publishing software, but I still have several pages to go. That’ll be an ongoing project as I work with the author, but while it’s back in the author’s hands I’ll be working on ETU, which I’m excited about.

Speaking of 12 to Midnight, I suppose I should mention that we had our annual meeting on Saturday. It went well, I think we all feel good about what we accomplished. One nice thing about this time was that our phone meetings paid off. Since we’ve been able to talk production schedule and other day-to-day business during our monthly teleconferences, we were able to dispense with that almost entirely this time. That meant we could focus on “big picture” items, which I think is appropriate for an annual meeting. The exact nature of what we talked about is confidential, but I think we have a good roadmap for 2006.

In other news, to celebrate getting caught up on Skinwalker, I watched Fantastic Four on Sunday night. I have to say, it was better than I expected. Based on every single preview I’d seen, I thought it was going to be crap. While it certainly was no X-Men or Spiderman, it was at least enjoyable on a basic, turn-your-brain-off sort of way.

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Comment by Jerry
2006-01-18 17:34:40

I enjoyed Fantastic Four too. So glad the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train. haha

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