The 10th Dimension

07.13.06 | Comment?

Some of you may remember my rapture over The Elegant Universe. That was an awesome, very accessible, three-part series on string theory. Math makes my head hurt, but I love conceptual physics and this program was right up my alley. (Incidentally, PBS is re-running the series again. The first part was a few days ago on July 11. Part 2 will be on the 18th and part 3 on the 25th. This show is definitely worth watching. If you miss it on PBS, you can also watch the whole thing online by following the above link.)

For string theory to be plausible, you have to accept that there are more than the four dimensions we’ve come to know and love. In fact, it dictates that there be at least 10 dimensions, and some scientists have put the number at 18 or higher. Now a new book, called Imagining the 10th Dimension has been released. In support of the book, there’s a website with a nifty flash animation demonstrating dimensions 1 through 10. I love this stuff! Definitely check it out.

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