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Swampfest VIII

10.24.06 | 2 Comments

This past weekend marked the 18th annual Swampfest. What is the Swampfest, you ask? It is an annual camping trip taken by myself and several high school friends. Eighteen years. I don’t think I want to dwell on that for very long, or I’m likely to get depressed. The “swamp” part of the fest comes from its original location at a state park near a swamp. A few years back it moved to private property so we could be as loud as we wanted without bothering anyone.

This year was low-key, but quite enjoyable. Although we came prepared to play paintball on Saturday, the low turnout led us to other persuits. This year we all remembered out pistols, so we went down to the tank (that’s a pond, for you non-Southerners) for some target practice. The tank’s steep earth walls insured that we could shoot without endangering anyone beyond. That weekend I realized that I hadn’t shot my pistol (a Glock 9mm, for those who care) in three years–roughly since Tadpole 1 was born. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I shot considering it had been such a long time. I shot about 100 rounds and still had another 100 in my bag that I left for a rainy day. Then I pulled out my grandfather’s .22 pistol and plinked away with that for a while. It’s the first time I ever got to use it since inheriting it this past spring. “Real” guns are definitely fun, but the truth is that I get almost as much satisfaction from plinking away with a .22. For another account of our afternoon shooting, check out fellow Swampfester Cerebral Misfire’s account. The only downside to that expidition is that it got a lot hotter than we’d expected and myself and one other guy got sunburnt. I was wearing a hat so it was mostly limited to my neck, but my fair-skinned friend got cooked.

Another highlight of the trip was the attendance by an old high-school friend. It had probably been 15 years since the last time I’d seen him, and it was fantastic having him come hang out. We talked about a lot of people I hadn’t even thought of in years, and we exchanged news on other friends and acquaintences from high school. It was like a high school reunion limited to only the people I give a damn about.

Finally, you can never have two many videos of things (pumpkin and water bottle) exploding.

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Comment by Mark Gedak
2006-10-24 21:20:15

I miss blowing up stuff. I need to get back into a chem lab next year.

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Comment by Jerry
2006-10-30 19:10:33

So has the FBI dropped by yet. ahaha

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