Skullcrusher Mountain

02.14.06 | 2 Comments

Oh wow.

A BIG thanks to Mur for pointing out what is possibly the best love song ever (link to MP3 file). It’s actually a catchy tune, and it is NOT mushy… well, not in the way you’re probably expecting anyway. It’s also 100% work safe, so there’s no excuse for not checking it out right now other than the fact that you’re supposed to be working. But if you’ve gotten this far then clearly you’re not working anyway, right? After you’ve listened to the words and laughed your asses off, visit the artist and show him some $love$. Creativity like that needs to be rewarded.

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Comment by Jeff
2006-02-14 14:50:15

OMG now that is great. My co-workers hate it, but that is an awesome song! :D

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Comment by simple american
2006-02-14 18:26:57

I love that song. I gotta play it before my next human sacrifice.

Speaking of human sacrifice Happy Valentines day to you, Mrs. Flametoad and the tadpole.

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