Sex Sells II

04.17.06 | 3 Comments

now with magnetic claspsDespite the title of this post, the sexual aspect in this ad isn’t as in-your-face (oooooh, bad choice of words) as the previous one. It’s almost certain that you won’t get it until you click on the thumbnail for the full screen version and read the caption at the bottom. You know I’m a sucker for teh funny. And for sex. Combine the two, and you own me. Yes, yes. “Neanderthal”. I understood you the first time. Get over it.

Discovered on the blog Advertising/Design Goodness.

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Comment by Jerry
2006-04-17 10:42:28


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Comment by allister
2006-04-17 19:23:00

Hey Flametoad,

Great blog! I found my way from Advertising/Design Goodness. I’m an advertising student so i think i’ll be checking back here every once in a while. You’re using WordPress right? I like the simple and neat layout.

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Comment by Prest0
2006-04-17 20:33:45

Thanks. Yes, it’s WordPress. I like the extra level of control. Thanks for visiting the site. I hope you enjoy it enough to keep coming back. Advertising is only a part of what this blog covers, but hopefully you’ll find the rest interesting too.

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