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Seen on the Net, part VII

08.10.06 | 2 Comments

Where to begin? Let’s see…

I just discovered a neat tool for checking your bookmarks for dead links. AM-Deadlink is freeware that can check your bookmarks in IE, Firefox, and a few other browsers. It reports back which ones return 404 (file not found) errors (for instance), and which ones are okay.

The Infamous Brad describes and comments on an interesting Sovie-era experiment on domesticating wild animals. It’s pretty fascinating, and on the surface it would seem to have implications for human behavior. However, I wouldn’t read too much into it. As one commentor put it:

As for applying this to humans: it’s interesting to think about, but we humans have some things that confound the analysis: intelligence, self-awareness, and therefore, free will. We are not our genes, or at least, not as much as other animals are.

The further thing to consider: more domesticated, tamer animals are much, much better at working together. It may be that, if you put a bunch of those tame rats and those aggressive rats in a room together, the aggressive ones would slaughter the tame ones. . . but if the rats were intelligent, had advanced communication, and technology . . . the ones who could work as a team would go through the suspicious and agressive ones like prunes through an infant.

In my goal to broaden my cinematic horizons, I watched Citizen Kane for the first time in my life last weekend. If I had anything approximating leisure time, I wouldn’t mind watching it again with the commentary track on. I can see why it earns the accolades that it does. I wasn’t expecting the reveal at the ending. That was a nice touch and really brought everything together in a powerful way.

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Comment by Jerry
2006-08-10 11:53:44

I’ve never watched Citizen Kane either. Must try and find it.

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Comment by Jeremy Lassen
2006-08-13 11:32:25

If you liked Kane, give “Touch of Evil” by Orson Wells a try. a bit darker… Not as “comcercial” as Kane… but It’s one of my all time favorite movies.

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