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Seen on the Net, part IV

07.20.06 | 1 Comment

First, the news (found via eeknight): Apparently the mild winter combined with a freak change in yellowjacket social behavior has resulted in huge nests of tens of thousands of insects in southern Alabama.

The largest nest Ray has inspected this year filled the interior of a weathered 1955 Chevrolet parked in a rural Elmore County barn. That nest was about the size of a tire in the rear floor seven weeks ago [Flametoad note: I’d be freakin’ out over a nest that size!], but quickly spread to fill the entire vehicle, the property owner, Harry Coker, said. Four satellite nests around it have gotten into the eaves of the barn, about 300 yards from his home.

Also, found via Jawbone, alternate James Earl Jones recordings of Darth Vader are dubbed into Star Wars.

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1 Comment

Comment by Jerry
2006-07-20 18:18:57

I could have used that for an adventure seed. :(

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