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Patron of the Arts

06.27.06 | 1 Comment

Once upon a time, artists (and I use that in the broadest sense) depended upon wealthy patrons to commission works directly. Today, most kinds of artists rely on direct sales of their copyrighted works. It puts the artist in control, but it removes the safety net of guaranteed sales. Today, I learned about one noted RPG writer who is trying an experiment in patronage. In short, depending on your level of patronage, you get a say in which adventure he writes (by voting on titles), the types of encounters, creatures, and so on. It’s interesting and I wish him good luck, but it sounds like he’s still short of his goal. If this kind of thing interests you, you can read about Open Design (also here), then follow the latest news.

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1 Comment

Comment by Mark Gedak
2006-06-27 13:22:16

One of the added benefits of the open design project is having acces to all the adventure essays he has been writing for patrons to explain the process he is going through.

I voted for the Lost City and for it to include Possessors (Phil Reed’s Mind Flayers) and Decapus (Land-based octopi that swing though the trees and bite people’s heads off.).

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