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More Podcast Goodness, plus Advertising!

01.10.06 | 5 Comments

First, I have to share this funny commercial with you. The girl playing the cheerleader was hilareous–especially the last “whatever”. I wonder how much was acting and how much was natural?

Happy Birthday to me.

I’ve continued to enjoy my iPod. Here’s the next round of don’t-miss podcasts. I’ll try to add links as I have time, but for starters you can search each of these by title from iTunes.

  • Tiki Bar TV is a great 3 minute video segment. I’m not much of a drinker, but they do make it look fun. Or maybe it’s Lalah. Mmmmm. Lalah.
  • TheForce.net has a Star Wars related podcasts. They’ve had interviews with Michael Stackpole, where I learned some interesting tidbits about his Rogue Squadron and I Jedi books. What? What? You already knew I was a geek!
  • Pottercast is the best Harry Potter-related podcast on the net. I tried listening to Mugglecast, but whereas that is four college-age guys sitting around talking Potter, Pottercast has much higher production values and a better range of subjects. The interviews I’ve heard include the girl who plays Jenny Weasley and the production designer for all four movies. I deleted Mugglecast and subscribed to Pottercast.
  • Comicology is a podcast related to the world of comic books. Since I’ve weened myself off of that expensive habit, it’s kind of nice getting a recap of the best of what’s going on in that world. What? What? We’ve been through this already!
  • RPG Radio was a very well produced podcast about (duh) RPGs. The podcaster had a good voice for radio, knew what he was talking about, and had some good interviews. Unfortunately, he hasn’t produced an episode since the beginning of November, so I don’t know if he’s coming back. I sure hope so.

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Comment by Jerry
2006-01-10 12:29:56

I need to get my IPOD. More and more you prove my need. haha

I don’t like Michael Stackpole. The way he handled the book for the last movie just plain sucked. He pushes me away from the action alot and I feel as if I’m placed in a sterile auditorium wathching the action. He does not involve me in the story at all.

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Comment by Prest0
2006-01-10 12:49:31

That was Matthew Stover, not Michael Stackpole. Check out Rogue Squadron #1 by Stackpole. That series rocked!

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Comment by Jerry
2006-01-11 10:43:43

Thanks for the clarification. I was wondering about your taste in author’s for a moment. haha (Joking)

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Comment by DirtyUnicorn
2006-01-12 08:58:50

I remember Michael mostly for his Battletech novels. As an author I think it’s cool that he is also a gamer (or was at least… you know how we get as we age on – play less, work more :P)

Don’t know if he talks about it in his podcast, but he had some interesting things to say about advances, royalties and the general pitfalls of being an author (aparently he got stiffed a few times by FASA)

Also LPJ has… errr… had a podcast that was pretty interesting about RPG publishing.
Quick search turns up he still does (and I’m wayyy behind on episodes) look here if interested:

Peace brothers :)

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Comment by Prest0
2006-01-12 12:35:46

I read one of his Battletech novels. Still need to find the other two in that trilogy. He’s talked “business” some in his podcast, but hasn’t really warned about how to watch out for getting screwed. I’d leared about his FASA problems from some other source though. Can’t remember where.

I haven’t listened to LPJ’s podcasts, but from what I’ve heard he gives some bad advice and does more than a little trash talkin’. I think it’s one of the things that got him in trouble.

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