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09.11.06 | Comment?

First, before I forget, you’ve got to check out this photo at Jawbone. Work safe.

Next, I’d like to point out a couple of changes to the Flametoad website. First, I modified my LibraryThing widget to display the 3 most recently entered books instead of three random books from my library. Now that I’ve entered all the books to which I have access (I still have several plastic tubs of books in storage), I thought it would be more interesting to show you my current reading list. I haven’t decided if I’ll enter a book when I start it or finish it, but they should more or less stay in the order in which they were read. Of course, you won’t see are loaners on this list, thus you wouldn’t know that I just started an Eberron book Ed loaned me. Having just finished a Stackpole fantasy, the writing in this one leaves something to be desired. However, since I’m playing in an Eberron campaign it has been nice to get a deeper feel for the setting.

Below the LibraryThing widget, I’m experimenting with a new widget. TaDa lets you create checklists, share them with a small list of others, or even “broadcast” this list through RSS–which is how I’m displaying them on my site. I’m posting my to-do list of 12 to Midnight-related tasks for those who are curious about the status of various projects. Unfortunately, I already feel like I want more. Does anyone know of a good (and ideally free) service that lets you not only create task/checklists, but also indicate status (such as “75% complete”), make notes, and generally manage a project? TaDa is fine for simple stuff, but I’ve always wanted a robust, intuitive, web-friendly, project management tool. I’m not asking for much, am I?

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