06.23.06 | Comment?

This is a test.

For you LJ’ers who can’t see the above, I’m testing LibraryThing. My library is in the 100s (if not over 1,000), and while I was at first highly skeptical of the sheer time commitment of adding all my books to any cataloging system, now I admit I’m sold. They make it amazingly simple. Name an author and add the book from the list. (You can also search and add by title, ISBN, or a host of other options.) If you’re like me and have many books by the same author, it goes even faster, since you can quickly add from that author’s list. Nor do you have to type in all the book’s information. It pulls it from Amazon and the Library of Congress. I’ll probably be adding books to my catalog over the next month or two. I think I’ll just buy the lifetime membership for $25 and be done with it. It’s free for the first 100 books, but I’ll be hitting that ceiling pretty quickly.

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