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03.06.06 | 2 Comments

Since Saturday was his birthday and all (and he did ask nicely) I thought I’d share with Jerry my list of podcasts I currently subscribe to. All of these can be found in iTunes by searching for their names.

  • Pottercast— If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this is THE podcast to listen to. They have fun, funny, and thought-provoking content, and the hosts are charming in their enthusiasm.
  • Have Games, Will Travel— A one-man show about roleplaying and board games. He has a good on-air presence and his reviews are detailed and well-scripted.
  • Dragon Page/Slice of SciFi— This is the big time, baby. Michael and Evo host a trio of geek-related podcasts. Dragon Page deals with book reviews, Slice of Sci-Fi deals mostly with sci-fi in movies and tv, and Winging It is a show in which they sit around drinking beer and talking about whatever they feel like. Apparently Slice of SciFi was picked up by one of the satellite radio networks as a syndicated show, so that should give you an idea of their quality and popularity.
  • Geek Fu Action Grip— Mur Lafferty talks all things geek. Just subscribe. Trust me.
  • I Should Be Writing— As a fellow writer, you owe it to yourself to subscribe to Mur’s other podcast show.
  • RPGForumsOnline— Somewhat less polished than the others I’ve mentioned, but the host has some worthwhile content.
  • The Babylon Podcast— If you were a fan of Babylon 5, you’ll probably be interested in this podcast. One of the hosts played ambassador Kosh, which means he has an inside track on getting other cast and crew members to phone in for interviews. Thus not only do you get some intersting discussions about story arcs and individual episodes, but you get some interesting behind the scenes insight as well.
  • The Comicology Podcast— As a true geek, I do have a certain interest in the comic book world. As a dad with other financial priorities, I stopped buying them a couple years ago. Comicology presents the most interesting news and reviews in the world of comics, which lets me feel like I’m at least keeping tabs on what’s happening out there.
  • The Round Table— Another gaming related site. This one just underwent a reorganization, but I think the end result will still be worth listening to.
  • The Secrets— This is Michael Stackpole’s podcast on all the insider stuff you wish you knew about writing and publishing. If you only subscribe to one podcast from this list, make it The Secrets.
  • The Signal— Can’t stop the signal! This is *the* podcast for all us Browncoats out there. Although it is entirely fan run, the production values are really impressive. I’ve heard it called “The NPR of the Firefly univerise.” Definitely check this one out.

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Comment by Thomas
2006-03-06 14:31:05

Additional podcasts you should be listening to:

Roll 2d6 — two gamers (players RPGs mainly) have a very entertaining podcast about various games and game systems. The audio quality is much better starting with the second cast onwards.

The OgreCave Audio Report — more gaming news and reviews but with an industry bent. One of the regular guests is a parter at Endgame, a very nice retail store. His insights on the game industry from a retailer’s perspective is the best thing about the podcast. Bad spots: Skype is used on this podcast so there’s the inevitable data packet loss (very annoying in the most recent podcast); one of the hosts has the loudest keyboard ever made — when other people are talking, you can hear him look up reference information on the internet.

The Dice Tower — another gaming podcast with a eurogamer and a wargamer, talking about all types of non-computer and non-video games. Good, but has a very annoying announcer track.

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Comment by Jerry
2006-03-08 11:21:15

Cool I really appreciate the list. So far all I have subscribed to is Rocketboom, which I picked up from you as well. :)

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