Jim Baen, RIP

06.29.06 | 3 Comments

I saw on Mark Gedak’s blog that Jim Baen, of Baen Books, has passed away. Baen Books has been a great destination for fans of science fiction and fantasy literature, and Jim Baen was a leader among the big traditional publishers in adopting e-books. For those of you unaware, Mr. Baen had a massive stroke on June 12 and slipped into a coma from which he never awoke.

An obituary can be found on David Drake’s website. Rest in peace, Mr. Baen.

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Comment by Jerry
2006-06-29 17:23:04

Truly a sad day for the publishing world.

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Comment by Jason
2006-06-30 09:13:36

Wow. That has to be the best obituary I have ever read. If there wasn’t people like Jim Baen, where would SF be?

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Comment by DirtyUnicorn
2006-07-03 14:31:21

Wow. I just recently was using librarything to compile my favorites and realized how many Baen editions I have owned (or would have prefered to own) of my books that I have had over the years. I was searching for Baen edition covers for my virtual library for many things. Sad day. :(

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