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It Has Been a Quiet Week In Lake Woebegone…

02.10.06 | 3 Comments

Just to warn you, today’s post is going to be a mishmash of news. How this is any different than usual is not for me to say.

First, there was a minor uproar yesterday when the web addresses of several personal blogs of publishers were published in the RPGNow weekly newsletter. Some of the blogs listed have nothing to do with “the biz”, and nobody had been asked if they wanted the information broadcast. Nor did they bother to check the sites before listing them to see if they were even appropriate. It’s a good thing nobody was documenting in gorey detail their experimental sexual escapades or the like. There certainly wasn’t any malice in the act on RPGNow’s part. It was simply an error of judgement.

Flametoad was on the list, but I take great consolation in nobody knowing who the heck I am. There was little or no association between names and companies on the list. So even the few who had heard of 12 to Midnight probably wouldn’t associate my name with the company. Thus, I suspect few if any strangers will find their way here. For those of you who do, play nice and you’re always welcome. I have no illusions of privacy with regard to this site–which is why I only reveal about 5% of my personal life and always make a conscious choice about what I reveal and what I don’t.

In other news, this morning I purchased the Super Happy Fun Ball and Colon Blow Saturday Night Live “commercials” from iTunes. Those are some of my all-time favorite parodies from the show and I’m glad that now I’ll be able to introduce them to my friends. For a $1.99 each, to me they were totally worth it for the nostalgia alone.

The flu is tearing through daycare, although it hasn’t hit the tadpole’s classroom yet. I consider it inevitable, so I’m fully expecting that I’ll have to stay home with him at least a few days next week. No flu shots for either of us, so keep your fingers crossed and say a quick prayer that we somehow dodge the bullet.

I MUST get work done on the revised Bloodlines. I’ve been working with Fabled Environments on their first Modern Flooplans release to the exclusion of my own work, and the clock is ticking. Gotta gotta gotta make big strides on Bloodlines over the weekend.

Did I mention that I watched Donnie Darko last weekend? Neat movie in its own way, but I’m not sure if the payoff at the end (and boy was there ever a payoff) was worth probably an hour of “huh?”, “that’s effed-up!”, and “WTF?”. That’s not to say that it wasn’t thought-provoking or that I didn’t like it. It’s just that in my life right now, the two hours it takes to watch a movie is worth its time in gold. I just wish that I had enjoyed the entire movie as much as the last 15 minutes.

You most likely haven’t noticed yet, but DriveThruRPG has finally upgraded their menu to allow customers to browse by category as well as company. While they offer a tangle of categories that can be confusing to figure out where to browse, I think it is a huge step forward for them. I’m also pleased that we dominate the d20 Horror and Savage Worlds categories for the time being. Over time I’m sure that will change, but for now the extra exposure is nice.

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Comment by simple american
2006-02-14 18:38:26

Hey was my blog on there? Just curious.

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Comment by Prest0
2006-02-14 21:34:56


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Comment by Jeff
2006-02-15 10:00:00

Do not look directly at Super Happy Fun Ball!

I love that one. My other all-time favorite is whoops I crapped my pants (and I just did)

I guess I missed that newsletter as well. They musta pulled it before they got to the V’s hehe (actually I need to check my settings and make sure they *are/ still emailing me the newsletter cause I haven’t gotten it in a few weeks hmmmm)

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