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11.02.06 | 4 Comments

me as a beatnik

a bunny rabbit and bob the builder

adorable bunny

At work, my division really gets into Halloween. The various offices all compete to come up with the best costume theme. This year, our office did a “1950’s” theme. While most folks looked to “Grease” for inspiration, I decided to be a beatnik. To be honest, this was partially based on not having a motercycle jacket. But once I decided on it, I really got into the idea. I found a black beret, grew a goatee, and bought a black turtleneck. The only thing missing from this look are dark glasses. It’s a shame ray-bans aren’t in style at the moment. I couldn’t find that style of glasses anywhere.

As far as the other two photos, there’s not much to say. They’re the most adorable kids in the world.

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Comment by Kyle
2006-11-02 14:46:39

Shoulda called me. I’ve got some round ray-bans that would have worked perfectly with this costume…

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Comment by Prest0
2006-11-03 11:17:26

Yeah, I shoulda. The days leading up to Halloween were hectic for one reason or another.

Comment by Jerry
2006-11-02 16:09:53

You look cool. Maybe you should wear that at cons. What did your missus wear?

And what a funny bunny. She’s so cute. And send the elder Tadpole over. I wanna fix the plumbing in my boy’s bathroom.

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Comment by Prest0
2006-11-03 11:16:40

Mrs. Flametoad didn’t dress up. I really wish I’d had the sunglasses. That would have completed it.


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