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Fire in the Hole, redeaux

12.04.06 | 2 Comments

Last week I mentioned our latest adventure, Fire in the Hole [d20 System; Savage Worlds] and how excited I was by it. Now I can finally talk about all the other FitH-related news. First, the Savaged edition was finally released today. Also, late last week we released a companion piece called Flatlands: Fire for Effect. This is an optional tile and token set that works hand in hand with FitH. We immediately created a FitH / FfE bundle [d20 System; Savage Worlds]. So now you can save almost 10% when you buy both at the same time. But here’s where things get really cool. 12 to Midnight teamed up with RPGObjects to provide an even better deal. The Ultimate Military Horror Campaign bundle includes Fire in the Hole, Fire for Effect, and Blood & Guts 2: Military Training Manual–all for the modern d20 System. I love this bundle, because it really is a military-horror campaign in a box*. (*Box not included.) With those three titles, you’ve got everything you need to run a Stargate SG1-style adventure for anywhere from a couple months to years.

The moral of the story? I love it when a plan comes together.

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Comment by Jerry
2006-12-04 20:26:31

Me too. *High 5*

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Comment by Dirty Unicorn
2006-12-06 11:37:53

It’s all good :D

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