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02.28.06 | Comment?

I’m crossposting this from the 12 to Midnight front page. Sorry for the crass advertising. You know I don’t do it very often, but Bloodlines was my very first adventure so it has a special place in my heart.

Bloodlines retail sheetBack in January I mentioned that we would be distributing a print edition of Bloodlines to game stores in April. I also said when it came closer to release date that I’d fill you in with more details. Well here’s the scoop. Bloodlines is being listed through most major RPG distributors, which means that just about any game store in the US should be able to order it. If you’re a fan of the original Bloodlines PDF, now is your chance to own a copy for your bookshelf. For the new edition, we put it through a new round of editing by our hotshot editor Trey Gorden, which has further tightened the writing. We’re also adding a new, special GM aid, and we’ll be posting a PDF of all the handouts so you can download and print them out without cutting up your book.

If you’d like your own print copy of Bloodlines, tell your friendly local game store that you’d like to order stock number NOW TWL0006. Or, just to be safe, you can click on the icon to the left and download the PDF of the retail flyer. Print the flyer and take a copy with you to the game store so you can point to Bloodlines and say “I want this!” Also, if you’re interested in Bloodlines, please consider pre-ordering. It helps your game store order things they know will sell, and it makes distributors take notice of tiny indie publishers like us. This in turn makes it more likely we’ll be able to distribute other titles in the future.

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