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02.06.06 | 4 Comments

Over the last few years, the Superbowl has really gone out of its way to bill itself as the place to see the best television commercials of the year. Like the game itself, this year’s commercials were a disappointment. With a few exceptions, the best commercials were in the first half of the game. Here’s my list of ones that stood out for one reason or another. [Feb07 Edit: Here’s a link with all the Superbowl ’06 ads]

I thought the Caveman FedEx commercial was actually kind of weak until the payoff at the end. While it had a funny ending, I didn’t think it completely redeemed it.

Both of the Ameriquest commercials were funny and memorable. There was the doctor holding the heart paddles, and the airplane turbulance. While entertaining in their own right, the link to Ameriquest is tenuous. I’m not sure if they’ll end up being effective in terms of driving their business.

Budweiser had several great ads that I think will prove to have some legs. While several people have commented on the Clydsdale ad, I thought that was too easy. I felt like more work went into the Hidden Beer, Secret Fridge, and Bear Attack ads in the first half of the game. Who knows, maybe that just gives you insight into my juvenile level of humor.

One of my personal favorites is an ad for which I can’t find a link. [Feb07 Edit: I found a better link with all the ads.] It was a commercial in which two guys are comparing mobile phone features, ending with a “theft deterrant”. [link – click “2nd Quarter” and “Sprint: Locker Room”]I find it strange that it’s not listed on the official lineup of commercials. I also personally believe that you just can’t go wrong with monkeys, and we were also gifted with two monkey commercials.

Regarding the Toyota truck commercial in which they parked it on the beach at low tide, they might have been better off using a montage from this video.

My votes for worst ads go to the Cadillac Escalade ad and the Burger King fisaco. Even Brooke Burke couldn’t save that BK ad. (Dude, I know I’m not the only one who finds the “king” creepy. “Jack” in the Box, he’s not.)

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Comment by Jerry
2006-02-07 11:18:52

I forgot all about the bear beer commercial. That was pretty good.

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Comment by Jeff
2006-02-08 11:54:04

I like the guy tackling the girl… which goes to show *my* juvenile level of humor ;)

Other personal favs were the FedEx caveman, sheep streaker, monkeys/jackass and the cell phone (thanks for pointing that one out).

Wow the internet’s great. I never even watched a minute of the superbowl and now even Google has the commercials for online viewing. Gotta love this dispersion of… uhhh… “information”. :P

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Comment by Jeff
2006-02-15 10:00:47

Oh and for the record – the king IS creepy. (shudder)

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2006-04-05 09:13:12

[…] You know I’m a sucker for commercials that make me laugh. What? You didn’t know that? Sure you do. Remember when I talked about my favorite superbowl ads? Well it’s not my fault you were drunk. […]

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