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photo from figures.com of a series of dragonsThis is the picture I was telling you (no, not you) about. Apparently the dragon will go for $75. Take a look at the tiny dots at the bottom of the banner. I’m pretty sure the ones toward the end are medium creatures. Puts it all into perspective, huh?

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Comment by Andrew
2006-02-17 15:30:51

Yeh, and that dragon that’s 3rd from left is the huge red dragon that’s sitting on my desk. It’s BIG in itself, and the gargantuan one looks twice it’s size, the colossal maybe 5 times?

I’m starting to think $75 aint so bad after all …

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Comment by Jerry
2006-02-20 12:18:35

I’ll have one of those. And the poster is to scale. The far left one is small. I love D&D miniatures. The Black Dragon will go for $30 I think.

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