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Beer Canon

09.19.06 | 3 Comments

Last year at Swampfest after we ran out of paintballs, we decided to convert an empty plastic coke bottle (with a strip of scrap aluminum shelving bracket as a stabilizer) into a rocket using compressed air, water, and a regulater from a paintball refill station. After some experimentation, we were able to launch said rocket more than 50 feet.

Now however, with just over a month until Swampfest weekend, the bar has been raised.

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Comment by Jerry
2006-09-19 12:27:12

That was just awesome.

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Comment by Kyle
2006-09-19 14:07:27

We can surpass even this, I have no doubt. I return to my days of youth, wherein a cannon was built with pvc pipes, a croquet ball, and a whole bunch of shotgun shells pried open and their powder removed.

We need to resurrect this idea. However, stronger barrel material is needed. As I recall, the results were spectacular in terms of flash, explosion, and cacophony. Mark, however, had to pick pieces of pvc pipe out of his hide for a month afterward. I think the French family across the road immediately surrendered.

Oh yeah, and a longer fuse might be nice.

But we can top this.

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Comment by Prest0
2006-09-19 14:30:29

Don’t get me wrong– I love explosions. But for some reason I really want to build a trebuchet.


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