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08.04.06 | Comment?

My LibraryThing numbers are starting to climb again. After entering all my paperbacks, went back and started scanning in covers that LibraryThing didn’t have on file. I’m particular that way. If it’s supposed to be representative of my library, I at least wanted accurate depictions of MY covers. Anyway, I finished that up earlier in the week, then started adding some of the books from my hardback shelf. I’ve entered two rows so far, with three more to go. I’ll probably top out at about 675-700 books. It’s counting 626 at the moment. I have four plastic tubs of hardbacks with no shelf space to put them on, so it may be a long time before those find their way into the system.

For those of you reading this on the actual Flametoad site (rather than through LJ), you’ll notice that my LibraryThing widget (on the right below the menu) still isn’t pulling in all the covers. Even covers that I have personally scanned in and uploaded sometimes fail to show up. It’s pretty annoying. The widget is one of those things that sounds good in theory but seems to fall short in reality.

In other news, my e-book podcast interview made a splash over at RPGNow. After hearing it, James kindly posted a link on the very front page of the site. That’s pretty darn cool. It’s one thing when your friends say you did a good job, but it’s just a bit more validating when a stranger gets that enthusiastic about it. I guess the same is true in writing and publishing. Self-publishing certainly has its own rewards, but having someone else say they believe in your writing enough to invest in it is another level of validation. Or at least I assume so, never having actually gotten to experience that one. It might help if I actually wrote something.

Finally, how would you like to have Samuel L. Jackson leave a voice mail message for your friend? Does it get any cooler? No, it does not.

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