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A Moment to Breathe

10.31.06 | 2 Comments

After a crazy last few months, things are finally starting to slow down here again. There’s been many times I wanted to post, but the time just wasn’t there. So what have I been doing?

In a word, RunePunk.

Back in August my friend and fellow publisher Sean Preston with Reality Blurs approached me and asked if I would lend my layout talents to his Savage Worlds setting RunePunk. We got off to a slow start, which put the project behind schedule. This really put me under the gun to get the job done by deadline. I dropped out of my weekly RPG group and worked on layout pretty much every night. I took a vacation day at work to devote one whole day to it. I came home sick one day, then worked on layout instead of crawling into bed. I stayed up late, then got up early with the baby. During the last week I’d pushed myself so far and so hard that I was nodding off at the computer by 9 pm. The last night before the final deadline, I was so exhausted I went to bed early and set the alarm on my cell phone to wake me up at 4 am so I could finish. But I got the job done, and I did it on time. Of course, the final deadline wasn’t that final. We encountered some format problems that required tweeking, but that’s just technical stuff within the PDF. Fortunately it only required a relatively simple fix, and Sean tells me that the pre-release books look great. I can’t wait to get my copy in the mail.

Unfortunately, because of the slow start, the RunePunk project ran a month longer than we’d originally planned. That means I’ve been neglecting our own 12 to Midnight business. Fire in the Hole, which is a follow-up to Weekend Warriors, is ready for layout. I’ll probably be starting that this weekend with the goal of releasing it within two weeks. Fire in the Hole takes players back to Camp Trepidation to deal with the aftermath of the events in Weekend Warriors. Whereas WW was designed as a one-shot, stand-alone adventure, Fire in the Hole is the kick-off adventure for an entire campaign. Think Stargate SG-1 with monsters.

As soon as I finish layout for Fire in the Hole, I’ll be moving on to our first fantasy adventure, Wild Things. This too is ready for layout. All the art is complete, and it looks fantastic. Both of these titles will easily be out by the end of the year. I anticipate d20 and Savage Worlds versions of FitH being released in November, and d20 and Savage Worlds versions of Wild Things being released in December. Somewhere in there I also have to make time for two excellent Modern Dispatch issues written by Neal Hyde. Things really got backed up with 12 to Midnight while I was doing this other work.

Beyond those adventures, we have a pair of Pinebox adventures in the final stages of editing. I anticipate those being released in the early months of 2007.

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Comment by Jerry
2006-10-31 13:11:36

Dang. So when will RunePunk come out?

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Comment by Prest0
2006-10-31 14:12:10

I’m not sure. December, I think. Sean is running off some PODs to have on hand, but the books from the press will take several weeks.


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