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Yes, I’m Still Alive

07.06.05 | Comment?

I mentioned not long ago that my posts decrease when my workload increases. That has certainly been the case lately. I have a crazy amount of stuff going on right now, and this whole month is going to be non-stop. Here’s a quick rundown.

I finished Saberhagen’s Thorn and thought to follow it up with the The Third Book of Swords. Only, what I got by accident was The Third Book of Lost Swords. Gee I don’t know how I could have made that mistake. That’s okay. I had the first two books in a different, oversized, edition and I’d really been hoping to match the set. So the search continues. So I guess I’ll be reading The Forever Peace instead. In my ever-abundant spare time.

House-closing antics continue. Closing was scheduled for 3 pm, but then some question came up over whether funding (which could take up to half a day) would go through by the end of the day. We really want the house by that weekend so we can start cleaning it up in advance of the move. I think we have a solution in the form of signing the paperwork in front of a notery the day before then doing the walkthrough and turnining in the paperwork that morning. We’ll see.

Brainwashed is still in editing. I got a digital peek at the cover work in progress, and it looks great. It was a lot of work to sort through all these artists, but I’m pleased that we have a nice group of talented individuals to call upon in the future.

I’m working on Skinwalker edits. Not that I did much over the holiday, mind you. Maybe I should say I’m responsible for Skinwalker edits. It’s a great adventure, and Trey has done a marvelous job. I’m mostly looking at structure, which seems like it should be easier but actually takes longer because you have to keep your eye on the big picture and the immediate scene at the same time. It’ll be done shortly. I don’t want to be the bottleneck.

I’m also working on a secret project. No hints, other than that it’s not another adventure or setting book. We’ve got plenty of ideas for those. It’s coming along well. I really shouldn’t be doing anything that takes time away from Skinwalker, but I find it relaxing. Like watching tv or reading. And hey, all work and no play makes makes this Flametoad get hot under the collar.

For example we had 3 movie rentals at home all weekend, and only got partially through Once Upon a Time in Mexico. I think we have about 30 minutes left. Watching a movie straight through is a pretty rare thing with our toddler around. It’s no Desperado, but we were warned repeatedly so I don’t feel disappointed. As many have said before, Johnny Depp’s character made the movie. Antionio Banderas’ character seem woefully undeveloped. He’s little more than a cardboard figure going through the motions. But hey, it’s still a fun popcorn movie. Next up is the werewolf movie Dog Soldiers. “Six Soliders. Full Moon. No Chance.” I’m looking forward to it… when I find the time.

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