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09.01.05 | Comment?

Tonight is our monthly company meeting. Guess that means it’ll be a late night. We won’t be starting until 9:15, so we probably won’t finish up until 10:45 or so. Then it’ll take me a while before I’ll be able to fall asleep. Guess I won’t be starting that novel tonight, huh?

Whatever I write will definitely be genre fiction. It’s what I read, so naturally it’ll be what I write. Probably horror, though possibly sci-fi or the like.

Interlude: I just got off the phone with an Intuit customer service rep. Wow. I’m impressed. That was one of the nicest customer service experiences I’ve ever had. There wasn’t the drone of hundreds of other reps in the background. Just a very nice lady who had already researched my problem and come up with a solution before calling me. Our IABC chapter had been overbilled for our Quickbooks Online subscription. She acknowledged the fact, confirmed a refund, and even offered to send me information on how to submit our tax exemption information to get the tax refunded as well. This may even top my experience with Speakeasy.net in terms of customer service. Way to go!

So anyway… writing. Yeah. I had an old idea for a present-day mystery (no monsters or magic), but I only have a vague idea of where it would lead and it feels a bit cliche. Then there’s my very first trilogy idea–conceived in 7th grade–of teen books inspired by Susan Cooper’s young adult series. Part of me would like to take a fresh look at that idea, but I think something like that has already been done since my own days as a young adult. So that leaves something new. That’s pretty scary. Are there any ideas rattling around up there worthy of a novel? Creativity is partially a matter of habit, and running 12 to Midnight (Okay, I don’t “run” the company. President is just a title that doesn’t mean a whole lot in a studio environment. I just herd the cats.) engages my analytical side more often than the creative side. I’ll have to do some creativity exercises to lure the muse to my shoulder if I want to start on a novel. I don’t think writing it will be the problem. It’s just the initial outline that’s the most difficult struggle.

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