12 to Midnight, Family and Friends

Two days in a row!

08.10.05 | Comment?

Trying to get back in the habit of blogging daily again. I’m on day 2. Wohoo!

Remember that 13 item list of things to do for 12 to Midnight? I knocked off two things, got about four more added, then knocked those back off too. There’s still soooooo much to do. Some of it has to do with GenCon, so I’m going to have to do some difficult prioritizing.

The big news is that Jeff at Dirty Unicorn Games finally finished his tile project. It’s called Flatlands: Modern Tiles & Tokens Megaset 1, and we’ve uploaded it to the 12 to Midnight catalog at RPGNow. Jeff did a top-notch job and should be very proud. Now we hold our collective breaths while we find out how well tiles sell.

We had a bad thunderstorm here today and when I went home for lunch I discovered that one of our dogs (Lucy) had run away. Kim had washed her this past weekend and taken off her collar. It was still off when Lucy ran away, so she has no collar and no tags.

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