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11.14.05 | Comment?

Crazy weekend, but there’s no need to bore you with details. Instead, I’ll just point you to some other interesting stuff around the net.

First, a clip from Reno 911 about LARPers. As if you really needed another example of why this show is hilarious. Thanks for pointing out that clip, Wyrdo .

Next up, did you see last Friday’s Rocketboom? Definitely worth checking out, although–as the site warns–the audio track is not work safe, so keep it turned low. Toward the end the man in the video gets mad and there’s some cursing.

Why is it that I live in Houston for a whole year, move away, and only now discover Murder by the Book? Some detective I am!

I’d like to remind my readers (both of you) that if you use LiveJournal, Flametoad is available as an RSS feed. Just add it to your Friends page. The only downside is that text doesn’t wrap around my photos in LJ because you’re using your own style sheet instead of mine. If you do add Flametoad, please return the favor by letting me know your LJ name so I can check out your blog.

Finally, let me end today’s blog on a happy, cheesy note. This is a cute little animated video about the ups and downs of a relationship, A quoi ça cert l’amour? [Update: This may be a little too popular right now. If the link doesn’t work for you, give it a day or two and try again. It’s worth the effort.] Sound isn’t required, but I think the music enhances it. Who recognizes the church in the background at the end? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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