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The Perfect Storm

07.12.05 | 2 Comments

Seems like a lot of things are coming to a head right now. After reading some inflammitory political comments (and what other kind are there these days?) on another publisher’s blog I really wanted to write a politically focused entry. But there’s too much else to write about, and nobody really gives a damn what my politics are anyway. So on to the news that matters.

We’re closing on our house of Friday. It’s crazy. We’re planning on spending the night–essentially camping out–Friday night after we close. That’s assuming we take posession on Friday, which is about 50/50 likely right now depending on whether the funding goes through Friday or Monday. That opens all sorts of other problems though, like what to do with Ben during closing. (I think I got that one figured out.) Then there’s the packing of all the necessities for a night in an empty house. We’ll paint and do a few other odds and ends on Saturday, then return to Houston late Saturday afternoon. Ideally for the following two weeks every time I come to town I’ll bring a load of stuff with me. Hopefully that’ll make the big move easier at the end of the month.

As if that wasn’t enough, Modern Dispatch is due this weekend. I got it laid out last night. Tonight I need to add some sidebars and make some changes. With some caffeine and luck, I should be able to finish it up (including the thumbnails and material for RPGNow) tonight. And it’s a good thing, or I’d be e-mailing Adamant about switching places.

Incidentally, PBS is running the first of a 3-part series based on Guns, Germs, & Steel. I’ve heard great things about the book and was so excited when I saw the commercial that I literally lept up from the sofa and went into the next room to tell my wife. Guess I’ll have to record it. Self-denial seems to be a recurring theme in being a moonlighting publisher.

Aaaaaand Brainwashed is essentially ready for layout. The cover is in. The art is in. The edits are in. It’s just waiting on little ol’ me. Of course, I haven’t written an intro or any sidebars. I have a handout to create, as well as four or five maps. So it isn’t going out this week, but next week should be possible.

I was afraid Jerry was going to have a heart attack when I turned in my Skinwalker edits. I did some drastic stuff there, and I know from the writer’s side of things that it’s never easy to see those sorts of changes to your baby. I turned in sections 0-1. He seemed to take it well though, and I know the final product is going to be another great 12 to Midnight adventure. Gotta work on sections 2-3 at some point very soon. I don’t want to be the bottleneck in our operation, but that’s the way it’s turning out this month. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

After we close on the house and get Brainwashed out, I should be able to breath again. I can devote more time to Skinwalker and the other upcoming projects like Brainwashed/Fear Effects Savage Worlds conversion, Midnight Tales, and other goodies. It’s nice to think about the next four or five months and know that we’ll always have something in the pipeline ready to work on. It’s a good feeling.

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Comment by Jerry
2005-07-12 20:33:31

Its a real good feeling compared to earlier this year. :P

Don’t know if I want to see parts II and III now.

But I do feel that Skinwalker is getting where it needs to. Going to be a lot better thanks to your backst… great efforts at pointing put the holes in my cra… story.

Dang you gonna be busy hoss. Want the number to the local meth lab?

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Comment by Prest0
2005-07-13 08:22:25

:) All in a day’s work.

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