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The Bad Day

05.12.05 | 1 Comment

Mom called this morning right before I left for a doctor appointment. The nursing home called her on Tuesday to let her know that grandpa had stopped talking. They got him to a hospital and confirmed that he’d had another stroke. Apparently he has some movement on the left side of his body, but words just won’t come out. I was down there on Monday and chose cleaning up his yard instead of visiting him in the nursing home. Now it looks like when I make never get to have a conversation with him again. Listen to your conscience, folks. It’s there for a reason.

I went to the doctor because Kim has been nagging me to check on my chronic back problem. According to the x-rays, I don’t have any spinal injury so that’s really good news. A close friend my age, Kevin, had severe neck problems last year so I know I’m not too young. Anyway, he’s sending me to physical therapy and given me two prescriptions for muscle relaxants. I’m pretty sure what I really need is 1)less time on the road, 2) exercise, 3) about 15 pounds less weight.

I watched Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 1 . I rated it 3 out of 5 stars on Netflix. You’re not missing much.

Last weekend I watched the first episode of Band of Brothers. It was hard to get past David Schwimmer. I just couldn’t buy him as an Army captain. Whatever role he plays, he’s Ross. It’s the same voice and same bearing. Let’s just say he hasn’t given me any reason to be impressed with his acting range. I’m going to try to watch the other episode tonight or tomorrow…

…when I should be writing. I hit a speed bump over the weekend and I just haven’t gotten back into the groove. I have an adventure to write. The outline is done. I just am having a hard time motivating myself. I just have to tell myself that this is what separates writers from wanna-bes. Writers write whether they feel like it or not.

Excuse me. I think I have something to go do.

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Comment by Masada
2005-05-12 16:18:49

Write! Because if you don’t, then you have to work at a corporate slave house debating endlessly about requirements, expense and captital. It’s even more important that you write so that those of us that have to be corporate whores have some little ray of sunshine to come home to and read.

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