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Spreading the Virus

05.19.05 | Comment?

In online marketing buzz, the term is “viral”. A Viral is any kind of media that is so compelling that you just want to share it with all your friends, who in turn share it with their friends. If it works, that is. Real virals are almost spontaneous. Many “manufactured” ones never get off the ground. Usually virals employ humor. As someone with a soft spot for a good laugh and a professional interest in marketing, I’ve been checking out virals lately. In lieu of a real post today, here are a few videos for your entertainment.

This John Cleese video is for a disk-based backup system. It’s kind of cute but gets extra points because it’s John Cleese. I mean, come on.

The link for Mazda video isn’t very prominent, but can be found at the bottom of the block of text and immediately above the heading “Related Projects”. It’s a lot shorter, but equally funny.

Both videos are work safe. Enjoy.

Edit: While I’m at it, you might be interested in these 22 Thoughts on Writing, by Vampire Earth author E.E. Knight.

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