So That’s What They’re Like

09.12.05 | 3 Comments

This past weekend was one of those rare weekends in which everyone was more or less well, nobody had pressing appointments, and we could all just enjoy one another’s company. We watched a “Best of Muppet Show” DVD, ran errands, spent a lot of time enjoying our back yard, and basically hung out. On the down side, Kim convinced me to break my diet. I’d been on South Beach for a week, but she was not. It’s mighty hard dieting while your spouse is eating all the junk food you’re craving. In the end I decided that sooner or later she’d break my diet and it may as well be sooner. I guess I’ll have to live with my gut for a while longer.

I also worked on editing Skinwalker, of course. I’m about halfway through it and should have it finished sometime this week. Unfortunately I have to set it aside long enough to do layout for the Modern Dispatch that is due this coming weekend. Hopefully that won’t take more than a night.

I continue to read Kavalier & Clay. I’m a little over 400 pages into it, which means about 225 to go. It’s a great book and really deserves more attention than I’m giving it. Just a lot of irons in the fire at the moment. “We were wolves, and they were children.” Woof! Ed would love it for the history alone.

I had an idea for a new short PDF. Depending on workflow, I may try to squeeze in some writing on it after I finish my Skinwalker edits. I think it’ll have limited appeal, but that’s okay. It appeals to me and I think will be quite handy as an internal reference if nothing else.

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Comment by DirtyUnicorn
2005-09-12 22:55:48

Innit funny how a guy’s gut is the hardest thing to get rid of? I feel your pain bro. I’ve always been a skinny guy and yet I now have a “spare tire”… makes me look a bit like a troll narf! Anyway last year I went through a heavy workout regime as part of my ongoing midlife crisis and despite nearly 3 months of twice a day exercise and weight lifting I could not seem to make much of a dent in the “beer belly” region. Damn fitness models with thier 6 pack abs! Damn them all!!! ;)

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Comment by Prest0
2005-09-13 07:34:59

I went on the South Beach diet for about two months last fall and it really did help. I went from having a tight waistline to considering going down a size. Theeeeeen I sorta went from “south” beach to “north” beach. Then I was off the beach altogether and before I knew it I was in the mountains. :)

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Comment by Jerry
2005-09-13 10:51:28

South Beach worked for me too. But I’m beached to the North Beach also. Alas.

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